We Love Missions!

At RockWood, we support ministries in a variety of ways: prayer, financial, supplies, and help through people. We desire ministries all over the world to be transformed by the love, grace, and mercy of Jesus.

Here are some ministries we love on:

Jericho Ministries


The beautiful vision of Jericho is to evangelize, disciple and equip persons involved in prostitution. With many facets of the ministry aimed at rescuing women and their children from the horrific world of prostitution, God is doing amazing things through Betsy and Jericho. More than 45 women have been helped get out of prostitution through the power of Christ.  


Impact Ministries International


Impact Ministries International started in 1986 with Tom Stamman as a traveling prophet and evangelist who ministers all over the country preaching God’s word and praying with the gift’s of prophecy and word of knowledge (knowing things he couldn’t) to everyone and anyone who attends his meetings. The ministry has missionaries, pastors, orphanages or feeding centers in 41 countries. IMI feeds 3,400 kids and moms every month all across the world.


African havens

Jim and Lyn Moomey had a comfortable life and fulfilling jobs in the United States. In 2013, during the month long fast at Rockwood Church, they felt like God was calling them to orphan care. 

They asked God how they could make the biggest impact in the life of orphans. Selling everything in the U.S. they spent several months in Honduras and then onto South Africa serving with African Havens in Johannesburg.


African Havens is a ministry of Every Nation Church. It was obvious to them that their life would never be the same. Their heart and love for orphans was going to be a lifelong journey. They made the commitment to serve at the Havens permanently.


As they served in Johannesburg, their vision for George, South Africa was birthed. In November of 2016 Jim and Lyn moved to George to establish Ruby Havens under the Every Nation Church in George.  Currently they are working to open their first orphan home in George.